An athlete lacing up their shoes.

Strong Mind
Mission & Vision


Our mission is to help individuals reach peak performance by training the mind. We realize that sometimes your mind can get in the way. Our goal is to remove that barrier and aid them in unlocking their full potential.

Our Story

In 2015, Strong Mind Performance Consulting was founded to help individuals perform at their best by training their mind. We have four core values when working with individuals: Compassion, Empathy, Discipline, & Work Ethic. Since 2015, we have worked with individuals ranging from youth to professional sports. Not only have we worked with athletes; we have also worked with numerous coaches to help them develop their coaching philosophy and create a “Championship Mindset” culture. Outside of working with athletes and teams we created a Leadership Academy at Mira Costa H.S. in southern California. Our Academy educates team captains on the values, characteristics, and styles of effective leadership. At Strong Mind, we’re passionate about helping individuals be their best!

Meet Ryan, of Strong Mind Performance Consulting

Ryan Foose (Founder + Mental Performance Consultant)

Ryan is a Mental Performance Consultant under the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP). Ryan has consulting experience with a plethora of sports and has worked with athletes and teams ranging from the youth level to the professional level. Ryan has been sought out by numerous athletes, teams, and athletic departments to teach mental skills and team development through sport psychology principles. Ryan received his BS in Sport & Exercise Psychology from West Virginia University, and his MS in Sport & Performance Psychology from Ithaca College