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What is a Strong Mind?

At the core of human performance is the ability to stay focused in the present moment. A Strong Mind is a trained and conditioned mind. A Strong Mind is Disciplined, Resilient, and Determined. A Strong Mind allows growth. Having a Strong Mind gives you the competitive edge in any performance.

What are people saying?

My time working with Ryan has been incredibly positive. He is knowledgeable, trustworthy, committed, and very much in tune with the athlete. With Ryan’s help I gained confidence throughout the season and had some of the best performances of my career thus far. I am extremely grateful that Ryan and I crossed paths and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to strengthen their mental game.

Amanda D. (Professional Beach Volleyball Athlete)

As a coach, Ryan has been totally committed to helping me get the reps and the feedback I need to be a better mental performer. I think that in addition to his knowledge, his willingness to be dedicated, consistent, and prepared set him apart as a trainer. I have really appreciated his help and his friendship over the years and look forward to what we can continue to do together!

Avery D. (Professional Beach Volleyball Athlete)

Ryan has gone above and beyond with everything he has done for us. I’m most grateful for the time he has spent with us out of the office. This is not to minimize how much progress we have made in our mental game but to maximize the emphasis on his commitments to his clients. The man burns as many calories as us shagging volleyballs for our practice, and always keeps an upbeat, positive, supporting influence.

Chase F (Professional Beach Volleyball Athlete)
A photograph of Strong Mind athlete Amanda D. in action.
A photograph of Strong Mind athlete Avery D. in action.
A photograph of Strong Mind athlete Chase F in action.