What services do we offer?

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Individual Consultations:

Confidential, one-on-one consultations with clients interested in enhancing their mental skills and building their mental toughness. The consultations are designed to teach the client on how they can use their mind to their advantage to overcome barriers that could inhibit the client from performing at their optimal level.

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Team Consultations:

Consultations to introduce teams on maximizing mental toughness, establishing a successful and motivated team culture, & developing cohesion, positive communication, and trust throughout the team. Each Consultation is specific to the team’s needs and development level.

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Coach and Staff Consultations:

Consultations that involve the coaches and staff on establishing their team culture and vision. Coaches and staff are introduced to the development of positive communication, leadership development, & establishing a foundation of goals. Each consultation is designed and tailored to the specific needs of the coaches and staff and their development level.

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Business Consultations:

Consultations for businesses looking to expand their leadership development and overall performance of a business. We work with businesses with leadership training, creating a motivated team culture, and mental toughness training to help enhance the performance of businesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Psychologist?

No, I am a Performance Consultant who uses Mental Skills Training to help enhance performance with the individuals I work with.


What are your rates?

The rates vary depending on the needs of the individual I am working with.


Do you offer a free, initial consultation?

Yes, I do.


Do the consultations have to be in person?

No, I do consultations through Skype, FaceTime, and Phone calls for the individuals who cannot meet in person.


If I buy a package of sessions, will the session expire?

No, the sessions never expire. If something ever comes up, or if you would just like to take a break, you can pause the sessions and they will never expire.


Do you do workshops for teams or businesses?

Yes I do. I will have an initial consultation to go over the needs of the team or business. I will then create a specific workshop tailored to that organization.


Why Strong Mind Performance Consulting?

We put the individuals we work with first 100% of the time. We like to think of ourselves like a resource to these individuals. Our goal is to put the mind in your favor to help you perform at your best.